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Classics on Vinyl



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Stocking up on classics…

10 thoughts on “Classics on Vinyl

  1. Hi Spin Dizzy Records,
    I’ve been told that you may have what I’m looking for – a self titled B-52’s album (vinyl)? Could you let me know if you do and what it’s price is please?
    All best,

    1. Hi, thanks for your mail. We have B52’s LP. €12.99- we can keep items for 1 week (for collection-no post), should you want it.

      Thanks again

  2. Would you have Cozy Powell, Dance with the Devil, 7″ or album, vinyl.


    1. Hi, Not in stock at the moment, in any format. Thanks for your mail.

  3. Hi,
    Would you have Oasis Definitely Maybe vinyl?

    1. Hi, we only have ‘Be here now’ on vinyl. We do have the boxset edition of ‘Definitely Maybe’ (3CD/2LP/7″Booklet) at €135,

      Thanks for your mail


  4. Would you have a copy of The Rock Machine Turns You On?
    Had a copy and it disappeared!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, that turns up from time to time, but not in at the moment unfortunately. Thanks for your mail,

  5. Hi,
    I’ll be in the shop later today, I’m just wondering if you have any tallest man on earth lps or if you have the pink floyd remastered meddle album?
    If you do is there any chance you’d be able to let me know their price?

    Thanks a mill

    1. Hi and thanks for your mail. We have ‘Meddle’ at €24 but no Tallest Man, thanks again

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