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– British Folksong Arrangements
A1 – 1. Lemady
A2 – 2. Bonny At Morn
A3 – 3. I Was Lonely And Forlorn
A4 – 4. Lord! I Married Me A Wife!
A5 – 5. She’s Like The Swallow
– Three Early Songs
A6 – 1. Beware
A7 – 2. O That I’d Ne’er Been Married
A8 – 3. Epitaph: The Clerk
– Tit For Tat
A9 – 1. A Song Of Enchantment
A10 – 2. Autumn
A11 – 3. Silver
A12 – 4. Vigil
A13 – 5. Tit For Tat
– British Folksong Arrangements
A14 – 1. O Waly, Waly
A15 – 2. Sweet Polly Oliver
A16 – 3. The Salley Gardens
– Songs And Proverbs Of William Blake, Op. 74
B1 – Proverb I (The Pride Of The Peacock)
B2 – London
B3 – Proverb II (Prisons Are Built)
B4 – The Chimney-Sweeper
B5 – Proverb III (The Bird A Nest)
B6 – A Poison Tree
B7 – Proverb IV (Think In The Morning)
B8 – The Tyger
B9 – Proverb V (The Tygers Of Wrath)
B10 – The Fly
B11 – Proverb VI (The Hours Of Folly)
B12 – Ah, Sun-Flower!
B13 – Proverb VII (To See A World)
B14 – Ev’ry Night And Ev’ry Morn

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