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1. Magic Nights in The Lobby Bar

2. Matty

3. Sonny’s Dream

4. Ringing That Bell

5. A Pair of Brown Eyes

6. Sail On Jimmy

7. Burning Times

8. The Tuam Beat

9. Back Home in Derry

10. Rosalita and Jack Campbell

11. Duffy’s Cut

12. Motherland

13. Spancilhill

1. Before The Deluge

2. The Two Conneeleys

3. Missing You

4. Cry like a Man

5. The Reel in the Flickering Light

6. Veronica

7. Johnny Jump Up

8. Inchicore Wake

9. Tippin it up to Nancy

10. Only Our Rivers Run Free

11. Hurt

12. The Well Below The Valley

13. Mandolin Mountain


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