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LABEL: Third Man Records


BARCODE: 810074420181



Original LP:

Side A
1. Each Day Is A Lifetime
2. I Want You Back
3. Out In The Country
4. You Can Come Right Back To Me
5. I Can’t Be Hurt Anymore
6. Rainy Night In Georgia

Side B
1. I’ve Got A Need For You
2. Anything That You Ask For
3. Let Somebody Love Me
4. For The Shelter Of Your Love

Bonus Tracks:

Side C
1. It’s Gonna Take A Whole Lot Of Doin’
2. I Want Her To Say It Again
3. Your Heartaches Can Surely Heal
4. Get Away Heartbreak (Keep On Moving)
5. You Make Me Do Things I Don’t Want To Do

Side D
1. Mountain Of Memories
2.  Heaven Help Us All

Mono Singler Mixes:
3. Each Day Is A Lifetime
4. Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me
5. You Can Come Right Back To Me
6. Dinah



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