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LABEL: Get On Down


BARCODE: 0664425406511



A1. Intro
A2. Best Kept Secret
A3. Sally Got A One Track Mind
A4. Step To Me

B5. Shut The “*!*!” UP
B6. “*!*!” What U Heard
B7. I’m Outta Here
B8. A Day In The Life

C9. Comments From Big “L” And Showbiz
C10. Check One, Two
C11. What You Seek
C12. Lunchroom Chatter
C13. Confused

D14. Pass Dat S**t
D15. Freestyle (Yo, That’s The Sh…)
D16. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
D17. Stunts, Blunts, & Hip-Hop
D18. Best Kept Secret (Radio Edit)


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