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CAT NO: 4050538629620

BARCODE: 4050538629620



Side A:
1.  Intro
2.  Stand Up And Shout
3.  Holy Diver
4.  Gypsy
5.  Drum Solo – Simon Wright

Side B:
1.  Caught In The Middle
2.  Don’t Talk To Strangers
3.  Straight Through The Heart
4.  Invisible

Side C:
1.  Rainbow In The Dark
2.  Shame on The Night
3.  Guitar Solo – Doug Aldrich
4.  Holy Diver (reprise)

Side D:
1.  Tarot Woman
2.  Sign Of The Southern Cross
3.  One Night In The City

Side E:
1.  Gates Of Babylon
2.  Heaven And Hell

Side F:
1.  Man On The Silver Mountain
2.  Catch The Rainbow
3.  Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
4.  Call For Encore
5.  We Rock


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