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Tracklisting –
1. The Blood Runs Red
2. Fight Back
3. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
4. The Nightmare Continues
5. A Look At Tomorrow
6. The End
7. A Hell On Earth
8. Cries Of Help
9. Protest And Survive
10. Hype Overload
11. Never Again
12. Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
13. State Violence/State Control
14. Realities Of War
15. Decontrol
16. Accessories By Molotov
17. You Deserve Me
18. Hell Is War
19. War’s No Fairytale
20. You Take Part In Creating The System
21. The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction
22. It’s No TV Sketch
23. But After The Gig
24. City Of Fear
25. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
26. Psycho Active
27. Exiled In Hell
28. The Price Of Silence
29. Warning


Format: Gatefold 2LP splatter vinyl


Barcode: 4050538548358


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