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RELEASE DATE: June 12th, 2021
LABEL: Fire Records
BARCODE: 809236155917



1. Said And Done (Alternate Version)
2. Evidence (Alternate Version)
3. Vietnam (Alternate Version)
4. Love At First Sight (Alternate Version)
5. Snake Line (Alternate Version)
6. Fun For All
7. Face Rake (Alternate Version)
8. Later In A Magazine (Alternate Version)
9. Red Dress (Alternate Version)
10. Charmed Life (Alternate Version 1)
11. Day And Night With Angie
12. Madonna Nude (Alternate Version)
13. Ashes On The Ground
14. T For Texas
15. I’llChange My Style (Alternate Version)
16. Fortunate (Alternate Version)
17. Please Crawl Out Your Window
18. 30 Seconds In Heaven
19. Charmed Life (Alternate Version 2)


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