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A1 – March & Reel: Hudie Gallagher’s March / Untitled Reel
A2 – Reel: The Black Mare of Fanad
A3 – Highland: The March Of The Meena Toiten Bull
A4 – Jigs: Kiss The Maid Behind The Bier / The Bargain Is Over
A5 – Highland: The 21 Highland
A6 – Untitled March
A7 – Untitled Reel
A8 – Highland: The Paps Of Glencoe
A9 – Reel: The Hare In The Corn
A10 – Untitled March
A11 – Jig: The Knights Of St. Patrick
A12 – Reel: The Dispute At The Crossroads
A13 – Reels: Roaring Mary / Stormy Weather
B1 – Reel: Miss Patterson’s Slippers
B2 – Highland: The Car That Kitted In James’ Wig
B3 – March: Welcome Home Royal Charlie
B4 – Jig: Derby Gallagher
B5 – Untitled Mazurka
B6 – Untitled Reel
B7 – Highland: The Teelin Highland
B8 – Untitled March
B9 – Reel: The Heathery Breeze
B10 – Untitled Highland
B11 – Reel: The Monaghan Switch
B12 – Untitled Highland
B13 – Reel: The Black Haired Lass
B14 – Air: Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park

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