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3 LPs on 180g vinyl replicating original LP artwork
John Prine
Album 1: “Bruised Orange” Tracklist: 1. Fish And Whistle, 2. There She Goes, 3. If You Don’t Want My Love, 4. That’s The Way That The World Goes Round, 5. Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow), 6. Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone, 7. Aw Heck, 8. Crooked Piece Of Time, 9. Iron Ore Betty, 10. The Hobo Song
Album 2: “Pink Cadillac” Tracklist: 1. Chinatown, 2. Automobile, 3. Killing The Blues, 4. No Name Girl, 5. Saigon, 6. Cold War (This Cold War With You), 7. Baby Let’s Play House, 8. Down By The Side Of The Road, 9. How Lucky, 10. Ubangi Stomp
Album 3: “Storm Windows” Tracklist: 1. Shop Talk, 2. Living In The Future, 3. It’s Happening To You, 4. Sleepy Eyed Boy, 5. All Night Blue, 6. Just Wanna Be With You, 7. Storm Windows, 8. Baby Ruth, 9. One Red Rose, 10. I Had A Dream


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