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A1 – Prologue: Book II And The Escape From The Dursleys
A2 – Fawkes The Phoenix
A3 – The Chamber Of Secrets
A4 – Gilderoy Lockhart
A5 – The Flying Car
A6 – Knockturn Alley
B1 – Introducing Colin
B2 – The Dueling Club
B3 – Dobby The House Elf
B4 – The Spiders
B5 – Moaning Myrtle
C1 – Meeting Aragog
C2 – Fawkes Is Reborn
C3 – Meeting Tom Riddle
C4 – Cornish Pixies
C5 – Polyjuice Potion
D1 – Cakes For Crabbe And Goyle
D2 – Dueling The Basilisk
D3 – Reunion Of Friends
D4 – Harry’s Wondrous World

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