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LABEL: Traffic

BARCODE: 0829357550415



Side A:
1. Mr. Hood At Piocalles Jewelry / Crackpot
2. Who Me? (With An Answer From Dr. Bert)
3. Boogie Man!
4. Mr. Hood Meets
5. Subroc’s Mission

Side B:
1. Humrush
2. Figure Of Speech
3. Bananapeel Blues
4. Nitty Gritty (feat. Brand Nubian)

Side C:
1. Trial N’ Error
2. Hard Wit No Hoe
3. Mr. Hood Gets A Haircut
4. 808 Man
5. Boy Who Cried Wolf

Side D:
1. Peachfuzz
2. Preacher Porkchop
3. Soulflexin’
4. Gasface Refill


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