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LABEL: On The Fiddle


BARCODE: 5053760038030



CD1 – Zeitgeist
1. Hope Street
2. The Fear
3. Exodus
4. Maid Of The River
5. Saturday To Sunday
6. 4AM
7. Forgotten Ground
8. Fantasy
9. Pc Keen
10. Just The One
11. Haven’T Made It
12. Leave This Town
13. Men-An-Tol

CD2 – Total Chaos (Live At Sheffield Arena, 1995)
1. The Fear
2. Leave This Town
3. Hope Street
4. Exodus
5. Lowlands Of Holland
6. Three Friends
7. Maid Of The River
8. Men-An-Tol
9. Carry Me
10. Fantasy
11. England My Home
12. One Way
13. Dirty Davey
14. Just The One
15. Liberty Song

DVD – Total Chaos
Bootleg Videos
Filmed In Lund, Huktsfred & Berlin By Fans From Crowd Pov Inc. Obstructions And Dancing
The Fear / Leave This Town / Exodus / Maid Of The River / Men-An-Tol / Fantasy

Studio Sessions
Brand New Videos Filmed By The Crew In1995 During The Zeitgeist Sessions
4 Am / Hope Street (Acoustic) / Jam Knackers Ditty

Behind The Scenes

45 Minutes ‘Fly On The Wall’ From The Zeitgeist Sessions


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