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Track Listing:

    • A1. Baggy Trousers (2009 – Remaster)
    • A2. Embarrassment (2009 – Remaster)
    • A3. E.R.N.I.E. (Remastered)
    • A4. Close Escape (Remastered)
    • A5. Not Home Today (Remastered)
    • A6. On The Beat Pete (Remastered)
    • A7. Solid Gone (Remastered)
    • B1. Take It Or Leave It (Remastered)
    • B2. Shadow of Fear (Remastered)
    • B3. Disappear (Remastered)
    • B4. Overdone (Remastered)
    • B5. In The Rain (Remastered)
    • B6. You Said (Remastered)
    • B7. The Return of the Los Palmas 7 (Remastered)


CAT NO: 4050538618761

BARCODE: 4050538618761


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