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CAT NO: 0727361516277

BARCODE: 0727361516277



Side A:
1.Drilled To Kill (feat Ralf Scheepers)
2.Don’t Die On Me Now (feat Joe Lynn Turner)
3.Knight Of The Dead (feat Ronnie Romero)
4.After The Rain (feat Michael Voss)
5.Devil’s Daughter (feat Ralf Scheepers)

Side B:
1.Sail The Darkness (Feat Ronnie Romero)
2.The Queen Of Thorns And Roses (feat Michael Voss)
3.Come On Over (feat Ronnie Romero)
4.Sangria Morte (feat Joe Lynn Turner)
5.In Search Of The Peace Of Mind (feat Ronnie Romero, Gary Barden,Doogie White, Robin McAuley)


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