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RELEASE DATE: June 12th, 2021
FORMAT: Picture Disc LP
LABEL: Concord / Craft
CAT NO.: 7220112


Side A

1. “Fratelli Chase”
2. “Cellar And Sloth”
3. “The Goondocks (Goonies Theme)”
4. “The ‘It,’ Fifty Dollar Bills And A Stiff”
5. “Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel”
6. “Skull And Signature”
7. “Plumbing”
8. “Restaurant Trash”
9. “Boulders, Bats And A Blender”

Side B

1. “They’re Here And Skull Cave Chase”
2. “Playing The Bones”
3. “Mikey’s Vision”
4. “Triple Stones And A Ball”
5. “Wishing Well And The Fratellis Find Coin”
6. “Mama & Sloth”
7. “One Eyed Willie”
8. “No Firme And Pirate Ship”


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