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LABEL: 1960’s Records


BARCODE: 5060331752424



Side One:
1. Richard Cory
2. The Sound Of Silence
3. Homeward Bound
4. A Most Peculiar Man
5. He Was My Brother
6. I Am A Rock (Toronto 17th February 1966)
7. The Sound Of Silence
8. I Am A Rock
9. A Most Peculiar Man (Provins 26th June 1966)

Side Two:
1. Anji
2. Richard Cory
3. Homeward Bound
4. Leaves That Are Green
5. I Am A Rock
6. A Most Peculiar Man
7. A Poem On The Underground Wall
8. He Was My Brother
9. The Sounds Of Silence
10. Anji (Haarlem 29th June 1966).


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