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– Original album
CD1-1 – Street Fighting Years
CD1-2 – Soul Crying Out
CD1-3 – Wall Of Love
CD1-4 – This Is Your Land
CD1-5 – Take A Step Back
CD1-6 – Kick It In
CD1-7 – Let It All Come Down
CD1-8 – Mandela Day
CD1-9 – Belfast Child
CD1-10 – Biko
CD1-11 – When Spirits Rise
– Edits, B-sides And Remixes
CD2-1 – Belfast Child (Edit)
CD2-2 – Mandela Day (Edit)
CD2-3 – This Is Your Land (Edit)
CD2-4 – Saturday Girl
CD2-5 – Year Of The Dragon
CD2-6 – This Is Your Land (Dj Version)
CD2-7 – Kick It In (Edit)
CD2-8 – Waterfront (’89 Remix)
CD2-9 – Big Sleep (Live)
CD2-10 – Kick It In (Unauthorised Mix)
CD2-11 – Sign O’ The Times (Edit)
CD2-12 – Let It All Come Down (Edit)
CD2-13 – Sign O’ The Times
CD2-14 – Jerusalem
CD2-15 – Sign O’ The Times (C. J. Mackintosh Remix)
– Verona 01
CD3-1 – Theme For Great Cities ’90
CD3-2 – When Spirits Rise
CD3-3 – Street Fighting Years (Live)
CD3-4 – Mandela Day (Live)
CD3-5 – This Is Your Land (Live)
CD3-6 – Soul Crying Out (Live)
CD3-7 – Waterfront (Live)
CD3-8 – Ghost Dancing (Live)
CD3-9 – Book Of Brilliant Things (Live)
CD3-10 – Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Live)
– Verona 02
CD4-1 – Gaelic Melody (Live)
CD4-2 – Kick It In (Live)
CD4-3 – Let It All Come Down (Live)
CD4-4 – Belfast Child (Live)
CD4-5 – Sun City (Live)
CD4-6 – Biko (Live)
CD4-7 – Sanctify Yourself (Live)
CD4-8 – East At Easter (Live)
CD4-9 – Alive And Kicking (Live)

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