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Track Listing:

Side 1
1. “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” (feat Puma Ptah) (4:05)
2. “Rivers Of My Fathers” (feat Addis Pablo, Puma Ptah) (4:43)
3. “Peace Go With You Brother (As-salaam-alaikum)” (feat Puma Ptah) (4:04)
4. “It’s Your World” (feat Puma Ptah) (3:31)
Side 2
1. “Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?” (feat Mustafa Akbar, Puma Ptah) (4:26)
2. “Song Of The Wind” (feat Puma Ptah) (4:15)
3. “Must Be Something” (feat Brian Jackson, Puma Ptah) (3:48)
4. “A Toast To The People” (feat Raheem Devaughn) (4:44)
Side 3
1. “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (feat Kenyatta Hill, Mateo Monk) (4:25)
2. “Cane” (feat Puma Ptah) (4:19)
3. “Revolution Disguised As Change” (feat Mustafa Akbar, Puma Ptah) (3:42)
Side 4
1. “Winter In America” (feat Brian Jackson, Puma Ptah) (7:01)
2. “Home Is Where The Hatred Is Dub” (I Grade dub mix) (4:32)
3. “Rivers Of My Fathers Dub” (I Grade dub mix) (6:08)


LABEL: Montserrat House


BARCODE: 192641069482




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