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  1. Shoemonk (feat. Vula Malinga)
  2. The Highest (feat. Kwamie Liv)
  3. The Drop (feat. Khloe Anna)
  4. Colours (feat. Vito Skye, Valentina Skye & Andy Knowles)
  5. Valentina (feat. Khloe Anna)
  6. Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me (feat. David Aird)
  7. Until Now, All Is Well (feat. Laetitia Sadier)
  8. Nix (feat. Nix Sana’a Sylvester Gonputh-Kellig)
  9. The Strangest Thing (feat. KT Tunstall)
  10. Full Fathom Five (feat. Philipp Plessmann)
  11. Loose Noose (feat. Andy Knowles & Vula Malinga)
  12. Hyena (feat. Manuela Gernedel)


LABEL: Moshi Moshi Records


BARCODE: 5060164957911



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