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CAT NO: 3822646

BARCODE: 0602438226467



1. About You Now

2. N17 (Live)

3. Last Summer in New York

4. She Loves Me – She Loves Me Not

5. Green and Red of Mayo

6. To Win Just Once

7. That’s What She Said Last Night

8. Small Bit of Love

9. I Useta Lover

10. Clare Island

11. Joyce Country Céili Band

12. Exhilarating Sadness

13. Why Do I Always Want You

14. What A Day

15. Stars Over Cloughanover

16. Sing a Powerful Song

17. World of Good

18. Same Oul’ Town

19. Red Cortina

20. It Won’t Be Tonight

21. Hay Wrap

22. Never Mind the Strangers


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