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Track Listing:

View To A Kill – Terry De Castro
James Bond Theme – The Sleazoids
Live And Let Die – The Donalds
Nobody Does It Better – Samuel Beer-Pearce
Die Another Day – The Ukrainians
You Only Live Twice – The Wedding Present
The World Is Not Enough – Maria Scaroni
For Your Eyes Only – Klee
Skyfall – Such Small Hands
Goldfinger – Simone White
Diamonds Are Forever – Cinerama
Thunderball – The Legendary Len Liggins
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Shaun Charman
Goldeneye – Follow The Moths
Tomorrow Never Dies – Danielle Wadey & Charles Layton
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Sleeper Featuring David Lewis Gedge
We Have All The Time In The World – David Lewis Gedge
The Man With The Golden Gun – Jetstream Pony
All Time High – Minitel
From Russia With Love – Graeme Ramsay

LABEL: Come Play With Me

BARCODE: 192641070822


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