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1LP Coloured vinyl
UMC / Polydor

Side A

  1. Chariots of Silk
  2. Pon A Hill
  3. The Seal of Seasons
  4. The Throat of Winter
  5. Catblack ( The Wizards Hat )
  6. Stones of Avalon
  7. She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
  8. Like A White Star, Tangled and Far, Tulip That’s What You Are

Side B

  1. Warlord of The Royal Crocodiles
  2. EveningS In Damask
  3. The Sea Beasts
  4. Iscariot
  5. Nijinski Hind
  6. The Pilgrims Tale
  7. The Misty Coast of Albany
  8. Romany Sou


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