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7″-A-1 – Fisher Man
7″-A-2 – Fisher Man (Version)
7″-B-1 – Don’t Trouble Trouble
7″-B-2 – Don’t Trouble Trouble (Version)
7″-C-1 – La La By Woman
7″-C-2 – La La By Woman (Version)
7″-D-1 – Fade Away
7″-D-2 – Fade Away (Version)
12″-A-1 – Heart In Danger
12″-A-2 – Created By The Father
12″-B-1 – Fire Is Burning
12″-B-2 – Lonely Man
12″-C-1 – Girls A Mad Over Me
12″-C-2 – The Saddest Day Of My Life
12″-D-1 – What Do You Know
12″-D-2 – Lots Of Sign
12″-D-3 – Lots Of Sign (Version)
CD1-01 – Party Time
CD1-02 – Slave Master
CD1-03 – Children Of Israel
CD1-04 – Roots Natty Congo
CD1-05 – River Jordan
CD1-06 – Ice Cream Love
CD1-07 – Fire House Rock
CD1-08 – Mr. Sun
CD1-09 – Gun Man
CD1-10 – Kushumpeng
CD1-11 – Prison Oval Rock
CD1-12 – Come Fe Mash It
CD1-13 – Diseases
CD1-14 – Zungguzungguguzungguzeng
CD1-15 – Lazy Body
CD1-16 – This Magic Moment
CD1-17 – Telephone Love
CD1-18 – Turn On The Heat
CD1-19 – Twice My Age
CD1-20 – Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
CD1-21 – Stop Loving You
CD2-01 – Hot Stepper
CD2-02 – Original Kuff
CD2-03 – Dangerous
CD2-04 – Down In Jamaica
CD2-05 – Drum Pan Sound
CD2-06 – Murder Dem
CD2-07 – Serious Time
CD2-08 – When I See You Smile
CD2-09 – A Who Seh Me Dun
CD2-10 – Miss Goodie Goodie
CD2-11 – Gi Mi Di Weed
CD2-12 – I Am Not A Substitute Lover
CD2-13 – Good Life
CD2-14 – Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
CD2-15 – Trying To Get To You
CD2-16 – Born Again
CD2-17 – Kindness For Weakness
CD2-18 – Destiny
CD2-19 – Everyone Falls In Love
CD2-20 – She Nuh Ready Yet
CD2-21 – Who Am I
CD3-01 – Never Dis The Man
CD3-02 – Want You Back
CD3-03 – Your Love Is My Love
CD3-04 – Jah Jah City
CD3-05 – By His Deeds
CD3-06 – Down By The River
CD3-07 – God Is Standing By
CD3-08 – Rock Away
CD3-09 – Love So Nice
CD3-10 – No Letting Go
CD3-11 – Sufferah
CD3-12 – Pon De River Pon De Bank
CD3-13 – I’ve Got Your Man
CD3-14 – I’m Still In Love With You
CD3-15 – Just One Of Those Days
CD3-16 – Living In Love
CD3-17 – Give Praise
CD3-18 – Can’t Get Me Down
CD3-19 – Longing For
CD3-20 – Footprints
CD4-01 – She’s Royal
CD4-02 – It’s A Pity
CD4-03 – Marijuana
CD4-04 – Notorious
CD4-05 – Church Heathen
CD4-06 – August Town
CD4-07 – Mi Caan Sleep
CD4-08 – One More Night
CD4-09 – Blessing
CD4-10 – Lioness On The Rise
CD4-11 – On The Rock
CD4-12 – Hold You
CD4-13 – Easy To Love
CD4-14 – Dash Wata
CD4-15 – I’m A Big Deal
CD4-16 – So Mi Like It
CD4-17 – Big Bad Soca
CD4-18 – Loodi
CD4-19 – Love Like Ours
CD4-20 – Hardcore

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