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CAT NO: 7187651

BARCODE: 018771876519



LP One: Side 1
Universal Theme
Hillcrest Park
Slick (Patel’s Song) – Dan The Automator
Love Me Some Walking
Talk To The Fist
Feel The Wrath
The Grind

LP One: Side 2
Hello Envy
Mystery Attacker
Second Cup
The Vegan
Bass Battle – Nigel Godrich/Jason Falkner/Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Sorry I Guess

LP Two: Side 3
The Ninth Circle
Katanayagi Twins Vs Sex Bob-Omb – Beck & Cornelius
This Fight Is Over
Giedon Calling
Level 7
Welcome To Chaos Theatre
We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast) – Beck/Nigel Godrich
Fast Entrance Into Hell
Chau Down
Game Over
So Alone
Round 2

LP Two: Side 4
Death To All Hipsters – Nigel Godrich & Beck
A Different Guy
Boss Battle
Blowing Up Right Now
Bye And Stuff
Love – Osymyso
Ramona – Osymyso
Prepare – Osymyso
Ninja Ninja Revolution – Dan The Automator



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