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Side A 1. Petula Clark – Gotta Tell The World 2. Sandra Barry – Stop! Thief 3. Val Mckenna – Now That You Have Made Up Your Mind 4. The Baker Twins – Words Written On Water 5. The Ferris Wheel – B.A.B.Y. 6. Mally Page – You Can Be Wrong About Boys 7. Tawny Reed – My Heart Cries 8. Billie Davis – No Other Baby

SIDE B 1. Nita Rossi – Something To Give 2. Helen Shapiro – Silly Boy (I Love You) 3. The Caravelles – The Other Side Of Love 4. Sharon Tandy – Now That You’ve Gone 5. Jackie Trent – You Baby 6. Jan Panter – Put Yourself In My Place 7. Val McKenna – Don’t Hesitate 8. Peanut – Thank Goodness For The Rain

SIDE C 1. The Breakaways – That’s How It Goes 2. Sandra Barry – We Were Lovers (When The Party Began) 3. The Paper Dolls – Something Here In My Heart (Keeps A-Tellin’ Me No) 4. Antoinette – There He Goes (The Boy I Love) 5. Baby Do It – Val McKenna 6. Tawny Reed – Needle In A Haystack 7. Barbara Ruskin – Song Without End 8. Glenda Collins – Something I’ve Got To Tell You

Side D 1. Two Of Each – Colour My World 2. Petula Clark – The Life And Soul Of The Party 3. Nita Rossi – Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You) 4. Simone Jackson – Tell Me What To Do 5. Judy Cannon – The Very First Day I Met You 6. Glo Macari – He Knows I Love Him Too Much 7. Shirley Abicair – I Will Be There 8. Tammy St John – Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways

2LP Transparent Blue Vinyl Numbered + poster
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