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Track Listing:

  • A1: Mala Morska Vila
  • A2: Witches Firewall
  • A3: Pearls From The Deep
  • A4: King Of The Ocean
  • A5: The Pendant/the Little Mermaid (Theme)
  • A6: The Song Of The Siren (Theme)
  • A7: The Sixth Sister
  • A8: Statue Of Salt 1
  • A9: Aquatic Babicka (Theme)
  • A10: In Safe Hands
  • A11: Aquatic Babicka (Song)
  • A12: The Black Sea
  • B1: Statue Of Salt 2
  • B2: Carodejnice’s Castle
  • B3: The Song Of The Siren (Song)
  • B4: Prince Of The Southern Empire
  • B5: Games/echoes
  • B6: The Kiss
  • B7: Ascension To Fireworks
  • B8: Bird In A Cage
  • B9: The Voice
  • B10: Behind The Rock
  • B11: Sunken Dagger/the Little Mermaid (Song)
  • B12: The Pendant

LABEL: Finders Keepers


BARCODE: 5060099507465




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